Training Program 

All Franchisee’s are granted access to the entire WSC training program and materials.
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1. Book / ebook

Amazon #1 best seller: The Winning Spirit - 16 Timeless Principals that Drive Performance Excellence

Written by Coach Tom Mitchell Ph.D. and NFL Legend Joe Montana

2. Audio Book

Amazon #1 best seller: The Winning Spirit - 16 Timeless Principals that Drive Performance Excellence.

Read by Coach Tom Mitchell Ph.D. and NFL Legend Joe Montana

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3.  Performance Journal

I encourage you to keep a performance journal and have your clients do there same. Taking the time to record our progress, clarifies what we want to accomplish in life. We develop more awareness about what steps are needed to get there.


Journaling helps us better understand the obstacles that get in the way of our success and what we can do to eliminate or overcome them.


You may discover that writing down your thoughts and feelings about important topics in your life, increases your motivation and confidence.

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4. Online Course

Winning teams have a special chemistry and synergy, with each member focusing on doing their own job well while assisting and supporting others on the team. In order for a team to be strong, the individuals also must be strong. Although nobody is bigger than the team, all teams are made up of individuals, and it’s up to each and every one of us to “bring it” on a daily basis.

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5. Intro Video Lessons

Short video lessons that explore each of the sixteen principles from The Winning Spirit - 16 Timeless Principals that Drive Performance Excellence.

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6. PowerPoint Notes

Corresponding notes from the Intro Video Lessons inspired by the Amazon #1 best seller co-authored by Coach Tom Mitchell and Joe Montana.

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7. Inner Game Quick Tips

We Coach The Coaches. Tom shares quick tips and insights from his decades of coaching. He addresses all of the many different facets of a coaching business. What is your niche? How much to charge? How to inspire others and make lasting impact? 

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8. Scouting Report Templates

The Scouting Report process is one of the WSC favorites. Tom shares his strategies and tools for you to create an effective way to challenge you client, by gathering honest and helpful feedback from others. 

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9. Practice Drills & Worksheets


10. "Winning Spirit Business" Book / ebook

Winning Spirit Business was written by Tom Mitchell and Hilleary Hoskinson, co-Founders of the MVP Performance Institute. WSC Franchise uses practices from this book during training and certification.

Visit the MVP website to learn more:

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11. "Winning Spirit Business" Playbook

The Winning Spirit Business Playbook  follows the book  written by Tom Mitchell and Hilleary Hoskinson, with exercises designed to develop a performance edge.

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12. Coaching Company Culture

A series of training videos inspired by the Winning Spirit Business was written by Tom Mitchell and Hillary Hoskinson, co-founders of the MVP Performance Institute. 

13. Principles, Practices & Personal Stories

A series of  short training videos sharing Tom's personal experiences and inspiring encounters with some legendary individuals.

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14. Manifestation Audio Course

7 Power Practices That Get Results!

Manifestation exercises read by Coach Tom Mitchell Ph.D.

15. Autobiographical Sketch

A template of a powerful personal questions to use with your clients. This manifesto guides you in helping them document their own life story, as well as their authentic leadership beliefs and values.

Virtual Team Meeting
16. Community Access / Weekly Group Calls

Template of a powerful personal exercise to work on with clients and for your own life story.