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Winning Spirit Coach Franchise

Products, Training & Resources 

What do you get when you buy a Winning Spirit Coach franchise?

You are invited to be part of our Winning Spirit Coaching family!


As a Winning Spirit Coach, you will receive personal guidance and training  from Coach Tom Mitchell as he shares his materials, experience and exclusive content with you!


This is an opportunity to look within at your own inner game and discover how you can grow your skills as a leader and performance coach.



1. Individual Coaching Calls 

a)  Four-30 minute one-on-one calls with Coach Tom Mitchell


2. Ongoing Weekly Group Calls (recorded) covering topics that are essential for a successful coaching practice. Plenty of time for Q&A.

Topics covered including but not limited to: 

   • Why Coach? 

   • How much money can you make? 

   • How do you get clients? (Marketing) 

   • Difference between Therapy & Coaching

   • Time commitment

   • Potential challenges

   • How to get started

   • Who should you coach? 

   • The list goes on and on…


3. Special Guest Workshops

• Seminars with successful coaches, business owners, clients, elite performers and athletes.

• Special master classes with MVP Performance Institute  

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4. The Winning Spirit…16 Timeless Principles that Drive Performance Excellence - Amazon #1 Bestseller

• 6 Hard copies of The Winning Sprit book

• PDF eBook  of The Winning Spirit book

• Audio Book(MP3) read by Joe Montana and Tom Mitchell.


5. The Winning Spirit Business book

• Paperback copy of the The Winning Spirit Business book

• PDF eBook  of The Winning Spirit Business book

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6. The Winning Spirit Performance Journal (to use with to clients)

• One physical copy  of the The Winning Spirit Performance Journal

• Interactive PDF of the The Winning Spirit Performance Journal

• Training how to use the journal with clients


7. Intro Videos

• 16 training videos introducing the Winning Spirit principles 


8. Online Academy 

• Forty-two on-line lessons with exercises 

• Understanding the Winning Spirit philosophy


9. Winning Spirit Coach Formula / System 

• Client Proposal and Onboarding

• Six Month Coaching Session Option

• Eight Month Coaching Session Option

• Twelve Month Coaching Session Options 

• Ongoing Coaching Sessions 

• Group / Team Trainings 

• VIP Day with your client

• Group / Team Training (virtual)

• Off-sight Experiences  (in-person)

• Master Workshop with Coach Tom Mitchell 

• Master Workshops with Special Guests

10. Coaching Proposal template

• Client Onboarding System

• PDF template 

• Training how to use with clients

Document with Pen

11. Individual Scouting Report template 

• PDF template 

• Training how to use with clients

12. Team Scouting Report template 

• PDF template 

• Training how to use with clients

13. Leadership Manifesto Project template

• PDF template 

• Training how to use with clients


14. Winning Spirit Playbook 

• PDF workbook 

• Forty Worksheets / Exercises 

• Training how to use with clients


15. Tom’s Guided Visualization MP3 

• Getting clear to make you dreams come true 

• Share with your clients 


16. Team / Group Coaching Guide & Worksheets 

• Exercises & discussion topics 

• Leadership training for individuals & groups 

• Interactive worksheets and PDFs 

Online Class


After completing the full training, you will be presented with an Official Winning Spirit Coach Certification!


Team Resources 

• Access to the private members portal 

Coaching for the Coaches

• Continued training with the Winning Spirit coaches, guest speakers and other influential leaders

Group Lecture
Red Grape Vines


Wine Country Weekend

• Offsite Retreats & Team Building Workshops in Sonoma County wine country 

Join the Winning Spirit Coach team for a weekend in Northern California!

Team Meeting


A Winning Spirit Coach partner! 

• Affiliated with an established coaching company (20+ years) 

• Brand Recognition >> Clients

• Access to MVP materials & leaders 


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MVP Performance Institute

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