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Winning Spirit Coach

How much is the initial investment and royalty fee?

The franchise fee is $39,500 but we for a limited time, we are offering as special Grand Opening price of $24,000, with incredible in-house financing available.


The royalty fee is 9% of gross sales, with a $150 per month minimum

We offer $12,250 financing at 6% interest of 3 years.  $372.67 per month payments

Office Meeting
What do I receive for my investment?

• Intensive In-Person Training

• Virtual Training

• Winning Spirit Coach Certification

• All WSC Materials, including Books, Journals, Playbooks, Worksheets

• Flight and Three Nights Stay in Sonoma County Wine Country

• Personalized Page on WSC Website

• $1000 Kick-off Marketing Blast Ads 

• On-Going Live Weekly Franchisee Coaching Call (Zoom) 

• On-Going Live Monthly Franchisee Business Call (Zoom)

• Three Months of Bi-Weekly Personal Coaching by a WSC Coach

Can I do this part time?

As a business owner, you have the ability to manage your own schedule and can get started part-time. As with anything, your success will be directly related to how much you put into it. We can help you create a plan to become full-time, if you need to start part-time.


This business is a business of passion. Although the coaching business can be extremely lucrative, you need to make sure that you possess the desire to help others reach their goals, overcome obstacles, and tap into their best selves. 

Because you can run the business out of your own home, additional costs are small. You will need a computer, a phone, and reliable transportation. If you already have these items, then your franchise fee covers almost all you need to be in business.

Do I need business experience?

We highly recommend that a franchisee have business or athletic experience, and/or a college education. 


Your customers will not expect you to know more about their business than they do. They will expect you to help guide them to find their own path to personal and business excellence. We will teach and coach you all about this in our trainings, and certification program.

How much money can I make? 

We cannot give you a number, but the opportunity is unlimited as there is high demand for executive coaching and self-improvement guidance.

Why team with us instead of starting my own business?

We have instant name recognition with our high profile partners and clients.  We have 25 years of experience condensed into our training materials that cover executive coaching, middle-management training, self-improvement, and athlete’s edge performance training.

How do I get customers? 

The most successful path is personal connections and referrals.  We will coach you how to make personal connections.  We also highly encourage creating a social media presence.  We will give you guidance there.  We will also create a web page for you on our website.

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